Get Empowered! Approaching Anxiety Courageously




Ahh, the OCD/anxiety boot camp you never knew you needed.

For this two hour long masterclass, I'm partnering with my good friend, Drew Linsalata. You may know him as The Anxious Truth.

He's an author, advocate, and podcast host - plus, he's a total bad ass when it comes to OCD and anxiety recovery, and he really knows his stuff.

We're known for giving you top notch recommendations without sugar coating ANY of it.

So, in this masterclass, we're giving you everything you need to come to grips with some recovery realities, so you can start to make peace with these hard pills to swallow and get back to business.

The best bits in a nutshell:

💪 An in depth discussion regarding the many ways in which we tend to hold ourselves back in recovery.

💪 Specific discussion on acceptance, sitting with uncertainty, feeling like "I can't", mental compulsions, feelings, and more.

💪 Practical and easy-to-follow steps to start feeling better immediately, whether or not you have a therapist.

Add this masterclass to your OCD/anxiety recovery toolkit for a gentle but firm, totally inspirational, and insanely motivational kick in the butt - and return to it anytime you need.

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⭐️All masterclasses include closed captioning (English) for increased accessibility, as well as a fully transcribed PDF transcript.

⭐️ All masterclasses are suitable for those with OCD (with or without a formal diagnosis), anxiety, loved ones, and professionals.

By purchasing, you understand that the content within the video and worksheets are for generalized, educational purposes only and do not replace/are not intended as therapeutic advice. It is always recommended to speak with a mental health professional. Consume the educational material at your own risk. Any duplication, copying, or otherwise tampering with this video or the worksheets is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. By purchasing and/or participating in the OCD/Anxiety Cycle Workshop, you implicitly signify your agreement to all of the terms in these Terms of Use.  You can read terms, disclaimer, and privacy policy at these links. 

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What People Are Saying:

Thank you Jenna and Drew. You both inspire me so much and I feel inspired to do this difficult work. You rock!

Thank you both, this has been a great help. Explained things better than I could have imagined.

Thank you so much, guys. It's been so helpful and inspiring. Perseverance, patience, and courage is something I'm going to conquer.

$47.00 USD


Come into the "Get Empowered!" masterclass with top notch, suuuuper thorough understanding of the OCD and anxiety cycle.  This will help the "Get Empowered" masterclass *truly* POP for you and make it all click like a super satisfying Rubiks cube finish (ahhhh). 

With the "OCD/Anxiety Cycle" Masterclass, you'll get instant access to one hour of in depth, expert education and skills to help you fully understand OCD, anxiety, and the cycle that keeps it going.

Imagine knowing why you're feeling triggered and being able to notice a thought without connecting to it. Imagine no longer immediately giving into compulsions because you know what actually happens when you ritualize and why.

All of that and more in this masterclass!

The best bits in a nutshell:

🔄 You'll be able to understand the basics of OCD and anxiety, meaning you'll no longer feel so confused and like you're losing your mind

🔄 You'll have a new interpretation of why this particular fear or set of fears bothers YOU, so you can stop investing emotionally in the topic or theme and focus on RECOVERY

🔄 You'll get tips, strategies, and things to ask yourself so that you can truly walk away from this masterclass and start acting like your own therapist.

🔄 You'll identify areas where you've been contributing to making OCD/anxiety worse, helping you to reverse the cycle so you're more in control.

🔄 Plus, you'll get TWO bonus worksheets that will help you identify YOUR specific compulsions, triggers, and obsessions.

Add this masterclass to your OCD/anxiety recovery toolkit today to lay the EXPERT foundation you need to start getting your life back from OCD and anxiety once and for all.

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