Overcoming Sneaky Rituals in OCD/Anxiety with Kristina Orlova




With the "Overcoming Sneaky Rituals in OCD/Anxiety" Masterclass, you'll get instant access to a 90 minute discussion, held by OCD and anxiety experts Jenna Overbaugh, LPC and Kristina Orlova, LMFT. 

This masterclass is perfect to help you seriously uplevel your recovery game.  We all know how important it is to be resisting compulsions.  As you continue in your recovery process, it's even more important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to rituals.  Otherwise, you could be trying your best in recovery - only to be unknowingly giving into compulsions you didn't know were taking place. 

Not handling all of the rituals you're doing can hold you wayyy back in your recovery.  And why put in all of this work if you're not going to get the most out of it?!

In this masterclass, we discuss:

⚡️ Reasons why it's absolutely imperative to be on the lookout for sneaky rituals, and how to think more abstractly about compulsions - since anything can be a compulsion!

⚡️Specific examples of rituals you may be doing without even being aware that you're doing them.

⚡️Tips, strategies, and things to ask yourself so that you can truly walk away from this masterclass and start acting like your own therapist.

⚡️A set of hacks to mess with OCD's pattern so that you're back in control.

Add this masterclass to your OCD/anxiety recovery toolkit today for a HUGE help in being able to stand firmly in your recovery, think like a therapist, and truly beat OCD/anxiety at its own game.

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What People Are Saying:

Jenna's knowledge and compassion are unparalleled - she creates a safe place to both share and listen.

Normalizing OCD has been incredibly helpful both personally and professionally. Jenna's language around what OCD is and how it manifests really helped me better understand how to communicate about this with my clients as well.

I always feel very empowered after each of your workshops. OCD can be very isolating, but it is so encouraging to hear from your experience and others who have OCD. Thanks for creating a safe space for us to learn and hear from others on the same journey.

$39.00 USD


By adding this additional masterclass to your toolkit, you'll never think of anxiety the same again. 

In this 1 hour, 40 minute minute masterclass, I'll unapologetically get you to see that there is 👏NO 👏FUNCTIONAL 👏DIFFERENCE between OCD and anxiety, and that you've been approaching anxiety the wrong way this whole time.

Yep.  I said it!

In this masterclass, you'll learn..

💡Why typical go-to strategies like thought challenging, cognitive restructuring, or use of coping skills are not necessarily always the best fit for anxiety.

💡How to become suuuuuuper freaking clear on what matters, what doesn't, and how to approach your anxiety, worry, and intrusive thoughts - regardless of the content.

💡How to manage these symptoms when they come up outside of the masterclass.

💡My strategy and specific approach to how I work with clients who have OCD and anxiety - regardless of whether they have "GAD" or "OCD".

Add this masterclass to your OCD/anxiety recovery toolkit today for a MAJOR lightbulb moment so you can stop being so indecisive about what's anxiety/what's OCD, and focus on what TRULY matters.